Title for personal prismatic planetary lineup Personal Prismatic Planetary Lineup

A color fan chart using jane's natal information.

What is a Personal Prismatic Planetary Lineup?

  PPPL takes the traditional natal chart, lines the planets up in order of degrees, earliest to latest. Also noting which sign, house, and house ruler the planet resides in. Then display it in color.      

  Astrology can be simple or incredibly intricate: Natal chart, progressed chart, transits, aspects need I go on. Along with all the ways to read a personal natal chart there is yet one more. Lining up the planets by degree!  This facet of astrology is not a new concept by any means, just one that has been difficult to put on paper.  The color chart provides a simplified way of viewing your planetary lineup.

  The natal chart is divided into 30 degrees segments each represented by a zodiac sign. There are twelve zodiac signs. Each planet is placed on the zodiac wheel according to its position in the solar system at the time of birth. When the planets are arranged into numerical order from the smallest to the largest we notice behavior patterns that resemble the order in which the planets* line up. Add the zodiac signs, houses and house rulers, we now have more details into how this energy is acted out.

 This is the order to which we carry out each and every event. We progress through all ten planets. From the moment we were born (a little hard to track) to the five minute interaction with the sales person at the local convenience store (also a little hard to track). Work, play and daily interactions are easier to notice how the planets move through the lineup. See Lineup Example


  The natal chart has been used for centuries to determine personality traits, mental and physical attributes as well as the degree of success and happiness in our lifetime. The lineup gives us another tool for personal growth, adjusting our attitudes, accepting the path we have been assigned, or simply being aware of our surroundings.   


* Sun and Moon are referred to as planets for easy writing purpose.

Wednesday August 3, 2016  

Personal Prismatic Planetary Lineup